Voodoo has a long and fabled history throughout our time. Many variations exist. Many Voodoo leaders were known to have cast great powers.

It has been said that the original seeds of vOOdOO Growers can be traced back to the infamous and mysterious Voodoo Queen Claudette Toups. Toups was born in 1754 in what is now New Orleans, Louisiana. Toups grew up poor, but rose to prominence as a community healer. From pirates, to Spanish and French colonists, she is said to have helped heal their many ailments and troubles with her assortment of homemade oils and herbs as they ported into New Orleans. A true humanitarian well ahead of her time, Claudette did not care what race, nationality, or social status her patients were. She only wanted to help. She knew she was blessed with a magical gift that had to be spread.

Supposedly, Toup's potions were made from various weeds behind her home. Toups was quite the innovator, as she concocted a formula that today very much resembles a natural, organic, premium CBD product. When she passed, her kids and grandkids passed the seeds down for several generations. As a part of keeping Claudette's legacy alive, vOOdOO Growers shares the same vision of healing and uplifting and has created a modern take on Claudette's original formula.